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Y.S. from Beitar

We couldn't wait to let you know what an amazing job you did for our sons Bar Mitzvah! Everything was beautifully arranged, I loved every dish I tried. 

All i heard all night was "Mazel Tov! so who's the caterer??" 

We hope to use you again in the near future! Thank you!

Y.S.A from Los Angeles

Great Food! Great Price! Great Service!

Thank you for the beautiful Sheva Brachos.

Everything was well prepared, organized and truly delicious. 

Sarah made me feel like a guest at my own party, and even saved me a plate of all the dishes to eat at the end of the Sheva Brachot knowing that I probably wouldn't get around to eating.

We loved the service and would definitely use them again at our next simcha iyH!

O & T. from Jerusalem

We had a big Shabbos and a crazy week so we called Sarah and ordered a fully catered Shabbos for all of our guests.

It was DELICIOUS and they were very generous with the amounts for the price and attractively arranged, which was perfect.


We highly recommend to anyone who would like  delicious homemade food for reasonable price!

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